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On this page you will find the Results of Shows and down towards the bottom information about the Cat of The Year points.

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—————- 2022 ——————

Results for Show 6th March 2022

Results for Show 6th February 2022

Results for Show 3rd April 2022

Results for Show 1st May 2022

Results for Show 22nd May 2022

Results for Supreme Show 26 June 2022

Results for Show 17th July 2022

During the Cat Show season (usually between February and November of each year), points are awarded to the cats based upon their placing in each show.  These points accumulate towards the “Cat of the Year” (COY) award.

The COY title is a coveted award to breeders acknowledging their work for the improvement of their breed.

Cat of the Year Points for 2022

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